It’s been a while take 2!

So almost a year to date I am writing an almost identical post where I promise to blog more, blame my job for the lack of blogging and generally been very very bad at sending any updates!

2015 is beginning to look like my year!  In the space of the first couple of weeks I have been promoted at work, started my health drive, planning home renovations and made a pinky promise with my Mac that it gets some attention this year…..

The theme of my blog is changing, aiming for lifestyle blog rather than specifically me on my weight loss plan.  I want to vary my posts, share my passions and discuss the things that crop up along the way, from landing my first big project as a fully fledged Project Manager to organising ANCHOR Wipeout for the 3rd year running.

Hows everyone’s New Year looking?  Here’s to a great 2015 (and lots of blogging!!)

New Year Selfie

New Year Selfie

Gilly x