Go Volunteer

The first post on WholeLottaGilly about my passion for fundraising and events!  I know it sounds cliche but I love raising money and organising events.  I considered starting a separate blog for this but hoping I can combine this into this blog – I welcome feedback and suggestions to this!

If you want to fundraise I think I can help!  Fundraise for a cause that you care about, want to improve and get that general good feeling doing something fulfilling.

Over the past 3 years I have raised more than £150,000 for charities and good causes through various events and fundraisers but sometimes the worry about pulling an event off can be overwhelming.  The best way to learn?  Volunteer.

I started volunteering with different organisations and charities – this gives you the ultimate experience of fundraising, learning from people already successfully raising money.  Over the years I have met some amazing people doing amazing things and the whole journey has been so worthwhile.

203154633162619358_GPjooE9w_cDo your research, find a good cause or local charity to help.  Drop them an email and offer your services.  Charities appreciate any offer of help, especially when you are prepared to give up your own time to help their cause.  The more passionate you are of the cause then the more you will get out of the experience, pick something close to your heart that you have an interest in.

For  me I was introduced to a local cancer charity; Friends of ANCHOR.  This particular charity makes a great impact in my local area, and has even helped my family and friends through the hard times facing the devastating news of cancer.  From supplying fresh fruit in the wards to raising hundreds of thousands towards the latest technology in cancer treatment this charity means so much to me.

From small coffee mornings to weekend action packed events volunteering with this charity has exposed me to all types of fundraising as well as meeting life long friends.  This has given me the confidence to organise and succeed in my own fundraising plans.

Raising funds always feels amazing, but you will never know the feeling of making a difference until you have given it a go!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give

Winston Churchill

What are you waiting for?

Gilly x

2 thoughts on “Go Volunteer

  1. loveanagirl says:

    You are beautiful person for doing this. It’s always pleasing to find individuals who have a caring heart. Great post!!! Can’t wait to read more from you.

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